NEW TORK 5008S Photocontrol 480VAC Turn-Lock Mounting THERMAL PHOTO CONTROL

$ 11.50

NEW TORK 5008S Photocontrol 480VAC Turn-Lock Mounting  THERMAL PHOTO CONTROL


Meets stringent utility standards for street and highway lighting
UV stabilized, permanent color enclosure Provides high impact and flammability resistance and electrically safe operation
Open-type expulsion design surge arrestor, 2.5 Kilo-Volt spark over minimum 5000 Amp follow-through capability
UV resistant clear acrylic windiow
Heat resistant phenolic with moisture resistant gasket

NSI Tork® Photo control in yellow finish is made of polypropylene material for long durability. Photo control has a voltage rating of 480 Volts for better performance. It features turn locking solid brass prong mounting offers maximum corrosion resistance. It features delay action that eliminates load switching off due to car headlights, lighting. It has Bi-metal relay that provides positive snap action switching, reducing bounce and ensures longer- life. It has temperature rating of -40 to 140 deg F and is ideal for outdoor applications. It has solid brass locking prongs for maximum corrosion resistance and electrical dependability.

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