New Hot Water Bottle Blue Rubber Bag Hot Cold Therapies LARGE SIZE 2 LITER

$ 8.50

This is a brand new Hot Water Bottle.  It is a good quality heavy duty rubber type bottle.  It is easy to fill up.  Top part has a metal screw section so it easily stays open when you fill it up.  It has a cap that screws on.   It holds about 2 liters or about 2 quarts and 1/3 cup.   Hot water from the tap works great.   I don't recommend boiling water because it is too dangerous to try to put in.   It is a good quality bag.   It is 12 inches long by 7 across.   My children love these.   I fill them up and they will cuddle up to them.   Good for pets too.

I have several styles available and the color red as well if you prefer that.

Thanks for looking!

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