New 1 Pound Color Flakes Paint Chips GOLD YELLOW Resinous Flooring

$ 12.50

New 1 Pound - Color Flakes Paint Chips GOLD YELLOW Arts Crafts Resinous Flooring - Toringol Brand.    These paint chips are made to be used for decorative flooring techinques - also known as Resinous Flooring or Concrete Design flooring.    However they could be used for other applications likes arts, crafts, pottery, and more.

Regarding Flooring - An optional element that improves the appearance and texture of the surface while adding a measure of safety by improving slip resistance. The effect is a terrazzo-like appearance, which can be customized to meet the individual needs of the user. Disperse chips in light, medium, heavy or full coverage. Chips are UV resistant, colorfast, nontoxic and economical to use. Easy to use; just broadcast them across the still wet surface of the base coat. Clear coat is used to seal them in protecting both the chips and the base coat color. The result is a seamless floor that is both decorative and slip resistant.


Colors can be mixed to give a two-tone color effect or even multi-color effect.


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